Welcome to Quinter!

1 Project links.

  1. Source code
  2. Soundpacks repository
  3. Main website
  4. Main Twitter account
  5. Developer updates Twitter account

2 What is Quinter?

Quinter is a fully accessible, easy-to-use, light-weight Twitter client. It works on both Windows and Mac, and is open sourced, allowing anyone to contribute if they so wish!

3 Interfaces

Quinter has two interfaces. GUI and invisible. Invisible allows you to control Quinter from anywhere on your computer. This is disabled by default, but can be easily enabled in settings. GUI allows you to control Quinter like any other application, with buttons, lists, menus, etc.

4 Main window.

The main window of Quinter is simple, allowing anyone (no matter their skill level), to use the application without any issues. It contains two list boxes. One contains all your different timelines (e.g. Home, Mentions, Messages, Likes, etc.), and the other contains all the tweets/messages in that particular timeline.

Quinter also has a standard menu bar, allowing you to carry out many functions right from the menu, without having to remember keys! The menus are as follows.

5 Keys.

5.1 GUI

You can find out what keys perform what actions by reading through all of the menu options. For example. Reply (Control+R) or command+r on mac.

5.2 Invisible:

Here are the default keys for the invisible interface on Windows only, as it does not work on Mac. These keys can be easily remapped by editing keymap.keymap.

6 Templates.

Quinter supports a template system, allowing you to choose what information you want shown when viewing tweets, direct messages, retweets, etc. Each bit of information goes between two dollar signs ($), and you can have other symbols outside of the dollar signs. The possible objects are as follows:

6.1 Tweets: , retweets, and quotes.

6.2 Direct Messages:

6.3 Users

7 Options

Quinter has two different options dialogs. One is for global settings that apply across the hole app. The other is for the currently selected account.

7.1 Global options

This dialog is divided into multiple tabs. They are as follows.

7.1.1 General

7.1.2 templates.

7.1.3 Advanced

7.2 Account options.

This dialog doesn’t currently contain much, and currently only contains the following tabs:

7.2.1 General.

8 Soundpacks

Quinter supports soundpacks, allowing you to customize Quinter to sound however you like! The official soundpacks repository can be found here. To use a soundpack, put the folder containing all the sounds into either the sounds folder in your quinter directory, or in .config/quinter/sounds. Select it from the list in account options, and you’re good to go!